Cipher is a fun, addictive cryptogram game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Letters in a quote are scrambled and must be decrypted by replacing incorrect letters with the correct letters using a unique decoder wheel system. For more information on Cipher, visit the Cipher website here

Plastic Tweaker
The Plastic Tweaker is a tool for the Torque Game Engine© that lets you change the fields of datablocks and objects in game and on the fly. Radically shorten your design iteration time as you change values and see the result without having to restart the game. When you are done the values are written correctly back out to the source files they came from. Learn more here

Gem-A-Day Project
The Gem-A-Day project is an effort by Plastic Games to give back to the Torque community by providing (for free) code snippets, howto's, tips, and tricks for working in the Torque Game Engine and Torque Game Engine Advanced. The Gem-A-Day project has been well received by the Torque development community. Read more about the Gem-A-Day project here
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